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reason 1 Our Unprecedented 110%
Money Back Guarantee
reason 2 You Will Receive Total
"Custom" Patient Centered
Care In one Location
reason 3 You Can Always Reach
Someone at Custom Dental.
reason 4 You Can Snooze While We Work .
reason 5 Risk FREE Initial Exam.
reason 6 What Our Patients Are Saying...
reason 7 FREE Digital SMILE Evaluation
In Your Birthday Month.
reason 8 FREE Second OPINION

Do You Have A Few Questions? Before You Make An Appointment

We realize that finding the right dentist is a BIG DEAL. To help you in your search, we have written a book entitled "The Official Hand Guide To Picking The Right Dentist and Much More..." This book is soon to be published and will retail at $29.95. It is packed with information that will help you choose the right dentist plus a bonus segment with many great dental home remedies. If you are in the first 13 who request this information, we will send a digital copy of it for FREE.

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Dentures? Forget About ‘em! “Enjoy the Biggest Steak on the Menu” Plus a $500 Courtesy

When you lock your dentures in place with today’s breakthrough implants.

Dig into that juicy sirloin – and while you’ re at it, help yourself to all the corn on the cob, nuts, apples and berries your dentures have kept you from enjoying. It’s all possible, thanks to implants that hold dentures so tight you can smile, talk and eat with total confidence.

Do it before the END of the Month
and enjoy a delicious $500 courtesy
as well.

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(Not to be combined with any other offer)

Risk FREE Initial Exam

Risk FREE Initial Exam

Get All Necessary X-rays, a
Clinical Exam and Private
Consultation with
Dr. Brown for only $38.

This is a $162 Savings. AND
If you are not satisfied with
us or our advice TEAR UP

What Our Patients
Are Saying...

"He Didn't Hurt Me..."

Kyra Lehman

Kyra Lehman

~Lexington, OK

“I liked the dentist. He was great. He didn’t hurt me and made my smile pretty!!”

"...Went Overboard to Make The Expenses Fit Into My Tight Budget."
Melanie Brownfield

“The staff showed great interest in my comfort and made my extensive appointment as pain free as possible. They also went overboard to make the expenses fit into my tight budget. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I don't know of anywhere else that could get this much dental work taken care of in one appointment. Hassel free. It was great!!”

*** Thanks Dr. Turpin and the team

"I Look Forward to Taking Care of My Teeth With Such Professional Assistanc..."

"They even held my hand during the dreaded shots!!!!”

~Kathy Ladlee ... Purcell, OK

“I broke off a tooth and was forced to make an appointment to see Dr Turpin. I do not take care of my teeth the way I should and I was extremely scared and reluctant to go to the dentist. They made my first visit very pleasant. Thru X-rays; Dr Turpin found a hidden problem under an old crown that could have been a major problem if it decided to flare up. I made the appointment for 2 crowns and one small filling. Because of my fears he suggested we use the sleep dentistry, which I was excited about trying. I took one small pill the evening before and another 1 hr before the appointment. Even though I was groggy, I was still scared, until Heather took me back to the chair and made sure I was comfortable.

The whole experience was good. Dr Turpin made sure I was comfortable and when I felt some pain he took care of it immediately. Both crowns were done and the filling fixed that day. Even though my mouth is sore, it is nothing like I have experienced in the past. I look forward to taking care of my teeth with such professional assistance from Dr. Turpin in the near future.

Thank you Dr. Turpin. Also, Heather was so sweet to me and even held my hand during the dreaded shots!!!!”

Birthday Month

birthday smile

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FREE Second Opinion Dental Consultation

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WE are here to help you. Please, if for any reason you would like a second opinion on a recent visit to your dentist then give us a call and we will gladly give you one for FREE.

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Your Money Back Guarantee...

Ryan Turpin, DDS

"If for any reason you're not delighted with our service during the entire first year as our patient, let me know personally and I will cheerfully refund 110% of what you paid up to your first $1,000 of treatment."

~ Dr. Ryan Turpin

Ryan Turpin,


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Ryan Turpin, DDS

700 Chandler Rd.

Purcell, OK 73080

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Receive Complete Patient-Centered Care In One Convenient Location

"As you can see, it changed my life."

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*Restoring Broken Teeth
*Revitalizing Your Smile
*Removing Problem Teeth
*Renewing Fresh Breath
*Straighten Crooked Teeth
*No Hassle Assistance with:

-Your Dental Insurance
-Your Financial Options


You Can Always Contact Someone On Weekend & Holidays

"Today I Smile With Confidence"

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Our Office
On Weekends and Holidays And Get An Appointment Quickly In URGENT Situations.


If You Are Nervous, You Can Snooze While We Work.

(We offer conscious sedation) A little pill and you wake up to a Beautiful NEW Smile

"I could finally land my dream job."

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Custom Dental

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